EPS Mo278 has been shown to affect the improvement of factors such as self-perception

Glycans have multiple 3D structures that give them various properties and allow them to interact with many proteins leading to specific biological responses via the activation of signalling pathways, etc. (Cf. Expression Cosmétique N°57p.60). Furthermore, an exopolysaccharide (EPS Mo278) – a sugar with a high molecular weight – presented by Aïna Queiroz of Seqens has been shown to affect the improvement of factors such as self-perception. Factors such as prosody (the study of the phenomena of accentuation and intonation) and verbatim (all of the words and sentences used) were used to assess the emotional states of volunteers. A significant decrease in vocal markers of emotional load (prosody) and the use of a more positive vocabulary (verbatim) compared to a placebo were observed after 28 days’ application of the 1%-formulated EPS Mo278. The poster presentation gave visitors the opportunity to visualise certain skin-sugar-lectin interactions using augmented reality and an app based on the UnityMol molecular visualisation software program developed by teams from the Physical and Chemical Biology Institute at the CNRS.


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