A platform for the traceability of cosmetic active ingredients

Seqens Cosmetics has deployed a solution for the traceability of its COSMOS-certified cosmetic active ingredients; this solution, called ACT4S.com (Active Cosmetic Trust for Seqens), is based on Blockchain technology.

A differentiating factor

Facing a growing demand for transparency and traceability, Seqens Cosmetics offers a unique solution which guarantees compliance with the COSMOS standard throughout the transformation of plant-based raw materials into certified organic active ingredients; this solution is a differentiating factor on the cosmetic ingredients market.

Active Cosmetic Trust for Seqens, alias ACT4S

ACT4s is the platform’s name developed by Seqens Cosmetics. It offers real-time monitoring of each certified organic cosmetic active ingredient, from the input of raw materials to the finished product and ensures compliance with the COSMOS standard at each step.

In practice, Seqens’ customers simply connect to the ACT4S.com website with the batch number to track their organic active ingredients and consult the associated COSMOS certificate.

Blockchain, a complementary guarantee to organic certification

COSMOS certification is awarded by a competent independent organization, but is based on spot audits carried out on a sample of transactions.

The blockchain offers additional security by covering all streams in real time and does not allow any subsequent modification.

It is this complementarity between COSMOS certification and the blockchain solution that gives the customer the guarantee that their batch is not only certified but completely compliant with the organic standard.

The blockchain


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