chemoxycare: the New solution to the decline of some traditional preservatives

hand moisturising with cosmetic cream

In recent years, safety data, legislative reviews and scientific studies on traditional preservatives in personal care (e.g. parabens, formaldehyde donors and isothiazolinones) have resulted in increased precaution from consumers, as well as regulatory bodies. In response to safety concerns, a number of preservatives have been banned or restricted. These decisions left formulators with very limited options to ensure effective microbial protection.

Driven by the decline of some traditional preservatives and a desire to support the development of alternative options, Seqens Cosmetics created the ChemoxyCare range of straight chain 1, 2-alkanediols (i.e. 1,2 Octanediol, 1,2 Hexanediol and 2-Ethylhexylglycerin). These products have been used for many years as emollients. However their preservative boosting function has recently led to a large uptake in demand.

The advent of Covid-19 has also resulted in an increase in hand hygiene protocols. ChemoxyCare® 8 is being increasingly used as an emollient in hand washes, sanitizers and anti-virals to combat the drying effect on the skin.


ChemoxyCare® products are safe and multifunctional. All products can be used in both leave on and rinse off products as:

  • preservative booster;
  • emollient;
  • moisturiser;
  • solvent for other ingredients (e.g. pigments).

They are stable in a wide range of formulations across a broad pH range and have an excellent safety and toxicological profile.  Choice of product will be dependent on the final formulation, target skin type, required miscibility in water and preservative performance.

Chemoxycare Products

Following its successful entry with ChemoxyCare 8 ® Seqens Cosmetics further developed its range of products and now offers;

In addition, future expansion of the range is planned with development of the following diols:

  • ChemoxyCare 10 (1,2-Decanediol)
  • ChemoxyCare 12 (1,2-Dodecanediol)

Benefits of Chemoxycare®

  • no pH restrictions when used in formulations;
  • use in formulations tends to be below 1% w/w levels;
  • good antimicrobial resistance to Gram+, Gram- and Yeast;
  • moderate performance against moulds;
  • improves the stability and resistance of the formulation to microbial attack;
  • can be used as hydrating agents in formulations where moisture retention is required, such as creams for dry skin and ageing.
  • is also known to reduce the surface energy and therefore the contact angle of water on the hydrophobic surfaces of the skin, giving better moisture distribution.

OTHER higHly pure Cosmetic products

SEQENS Cosmetics’ expertise in high purity distillation also led to increased sales of Diisopropyl adipate (DIPA) which finds use in Sunscreen applications. Estasol (Di Basic Ester), Isoamyl Alcohol and Isoamyl Acetate are also widely used in nail care applications. 

We also offer contract manufacturing services to the sector. This offer is supported by a wide range of R&D services, technologies and process capabilities. We ensure our customers that we practice the exacting standards essential to success in the Cosmetics market.