Driven by a culture of excellence and a strong pharmaceutical heritage, SEQENS has put its R&D capabilities at the service of the group’s cosmetics activity. The synergy between the SEQENS’Lab and the cosmetic manufacturing sites has led to the development of synthetic and natural ingredients, including actives and functionals. Here is a concrete example with Lipopeptides…

Development of lipopeptides

Lipopeptides have been used for many years in the cosmetics industry thanks to their broad spectrum of action and their strong mimicry with natural substances. Lipopeptides can provide soothing, anti-aging, anti-seborrheic or antimicrobial properties. The synthesis of lipopeptides uses fatty acid chlorides for which SEQENS has more than 30 years history. Depending on the nature of the fatty chain, preferably derived from a renewable origin material, combined with one or more amino acids, the action of the lipopeptide then becomes specific.

Seqens'Lab based in Porcheville (France) is working closely with the Cosmetic manufacturing sites.

The SEQENS’Lab has thus made its contribution to the industrialization of lipopeptides and various complexes for nearly 10 years, with an average time of 1 year between laboratory development and industrial transfer. To achieve this, the SEQENS’Lab teams rely on rigorous project management and strong synergies with the sales teams to meet the needs of our customers. This customer orientation of R&D, coupled with our desire to innovate, allows us to offer process adjustments to make them more robust industrially. The SEQENS’Lab guarantees both the quality of the product and the safety of the process developed within a well-controlled regulatory framework.

After an effective R&D development process (10-100 g) and a successful first pilot production (10-20 kg) in 2020, SEQENS plans to produce in 2021 the first industrial volumes of a new lipopeptide (500 kg) in its factory in Couterne (Normandy – France). 


SEQENS Cosmetics has built a strong expertise in the development and manufacturing of specialty ingredients for cosmetic applications. Thanks to a comprehensive custom offer and a wide product portfolio ranging from actives to functionals and from natural to synthetic ingredients, SEQENS is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of service.


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