Tuesday, October 17th , Aïna Queiroz and Arnaud Aubert will give a lecture about the “Emotional beauty” at the Cosmetic 360 exhibition.

Arnaud Aubert and Aïna Queiroz

A “well Aging” approach

The cosmetics industry is officially entering the “Emotional Era” and no longer consider aging from the same angle. The challenge is no longer to simply reduce wrinkles, but to support a positive and harmonious aging in a holistic perspective. Current progresses in scientific psychology and neurosciences provide relevant concepts and methods to rationally substantiate evidence regarding emotional benefits.

SEQENS Cosmetics collaborated with Emospin to design a quantitative evaluation of the emotional benefits of an active ingredient, with measurable parameters such as prosody (vocal parameters conveying emotional information) and verbatim (lexical field spontaneously used by the volunteers to describe their global experience).

In line with the scope of the better understanding of positive aging, this study highlighted a significant improvement of the emotional state with an evolution towards a more optimistic, more positive lexical field in the group of volunteers treated with a very high-molecular-weight exopolysaccharide developed by SEQENS versus placebo.

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